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Respect. Excellence. Empathy.

Sustained by values of Respect, Excellence and Empathy, Elayne Gullis' promotes a very human, personalised service. She has developed a unique and holistic form of body therapy called ‘The Light Method’, based on the principles of lymphatic drainage, in combination with a diversity of massage techniques. Her technique releases body tensions and decreases inflammation, leaving you feeling ‘lighter’.


The Light Method detoxifies and enriches the body. Each time it is a bespoke therapy, meeting the needs of the individual. No two souls are the same, and I act as a consultant to understand each client to tailor therapies specifically to them. 


Meet Elayne Gullis


Originally from Brazil, Elayne was raised by her mother who greatly influenced her through sharing a love of aesthetics and well-being. In her mother’s beauty salons back home, she witnessed first-hand the restorative power of beauty therapies, and she has trained diligently to create an exceptional set of therapies and treatments.

She developed a passion for massage while working as a volunteer, coaching Latin women who faced anxieties for a variety of reasons. Elayne learned that human touch could not only relax the mind and alleviate the mental stresses of life, but also that it has a soothing, even healing, dimension on the body itself.

Elayne Gullis Bodywork Therapist



Elayne has created an exclusive technique, called ‘The Light Method’ that combines manual lymphatic drainage movements, with postures, stretching and breathing, which delivers incredible physiological and progressive outcomes.

With influences from right across the globe, it brings together methods and massages that combine Japanese, Indian, European and Brazilian techniques, in a mix of shiatsu, ampuku, ayuverda, as well as lymphatic drainage and modeling. Firm pressure and fast, rhythmic maneuvers across the body produce immediate results.

Discover the benefits of lymphatic drainage and The Light Method

Anne Wandenkol, London

“Elayne, who is specialised in Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage method, used a wonderful technique to move the fluid that filters through our lymph nodes to better rid your body of toxins. I very much enjoyed the attention to detail when adjusting various parts of the body and stretching or massaging based on what’s needed. I felt amazing after the treatment and will definitely be returning! Elayne is a wonder woman and I highly recommend.”


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